Carrie Duncan

Carrie Duncan Assistant Professor
Education: BA in Archaeology, Tufts University
MA in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
MA and PhD in Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Interest: Ancient Mediterranean Religions
Phone: 573-882-2979



I am interested in the ways that religious communities express their religiosity in material forms, particularly when those forms contradict, undermine, or complicate textual representations of that religion. My recent research has focused on the use of commemorative language in women’s inscriptions among ancient Jewish Diaspora communities that challenge received ideas of how leadership was gendered in early synagogues. Other interests include customs of funerary banqueting and the relationships between belief, practice, and architectural space, particularly in ascetic communities.

My interests in materiality are enhanced by my participation in numerous archaeological excavations. I am currently a senior staff member on the following projects in Jordan: the Ayn Gharandal Archaeological Project, the Petra North Ridge Project, and the Madaba Plains’ Tall al-Umayri excavation.


  • 2500 Introduction to Hebrew Bible
  • 2510 Introduction to New Testament
  • 3005 Jesus in Myth, Tradition, and History
  • 3310 The Problem of Evil
  • 3500 Judaism in the time of Jesus
  • 8005 Asceticism: Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls