The Department of Religious Studies offers the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree with a major or minor in Religious Studies, and the graduate Masters of Arts degree in Religious Studies.

Our faculty members have won prestigious awards for their excellence in teaching and advising. They are nationally and internationally recognized scholars in the academic study of religion. We have particular strengths in the following areas:

  • American Religious History
  • Native American Religions
  • History of Christianity
  • Islam
  • Religions of South Asia
  • Religions of Indigenous peoples

The Department is particularly interested in the intersections of religion with neuroscience, popular culture, gender, class, and society. Our methods and approaches are multidisciplinary, combining textual, historical, sociological, anthropological, psychological, comparative, and cultural studies perspectives.


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Sue Crowley outside her home in 2011

Sue Crowley stands outside her home in Columbia at a Department event in 2011

, Marginal Correction returning Sue Crowley to the Department history

an editor corrects the Department's history by acknowledging Sue Crowley's foundational contributions.

, A list of the first faculty members in religious studies, dating to 1983

A list of faculty in Religious Studies in 1983

, Sue Crowley's scholarly presentations and publications in academic year 1989-90

Announcing the publication of Critical Essays on Walker Percey (Boston, 1989)

blue beaded details extend from the handle of a nineteenth-century Native American ladle. the beadwork recalls the flow of river

image: detail beaded decorative detail, 19th-century bead- and fur-decorated Native American ladle, Museum of Missouri history

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