Language Requirement

The department requires students to acquire a working knowledge of one language in addition to English during the master's program. The language should help the student work with primary sources or with scholarship in a field of special interest. Students working on an area where most texts are available in English should nevertheless learn another language in order to be able to read important international academic publications. The Department does not typically allow undergraduate or high school language education to fulfill this requirement. Working knowledge of a research language may be demonstrated in three ways:

  • 3 credits of intensive language study taken at MU or another accredited institution while the student is completing the MA in Religious Studies (for instance: German 4070 Intensive Beginning German)
  • 6 credits of language study taken at the undergraduate level while completing the MA in Religious Studies* (for instance: Greek 1100 & 1200 Elementary Ancient Greek I & II.)
  • The student demonstrates language proficiency by providing a language certification for departmental evaluation or by passing a reading exam administered by the department faculty. (for instance: a student studied German as an undergraduate and requests a language proficiency test, a student is a certified teacher or translator)

In some cases, cases a student’s background or future plans may merit an exemption from the department’s language requirement. Any student may request that the requirement be waived by submitting a written request explaining the reasons for this exemption to the Director of Graduate Studiey. The Director of Graduate Studies will present the request to the department faculty for a decision.

*note that language classes below 7000 at MU do not count toward the 30 units required for the Master's degree


Director of Graduate Studies:

Dr. Rabia Gregory