Prof. Daniel Cohen


Prof. Daniel Cohen has been very productive this year. He was contributing author to the following publications:

  • “Factor Structure of the Brief Multidimensional Measure of Religiousness/Spirituality in US and Indian Samples with Traumatic Brain Injury” published online in the Journal of Religion and Health on December 26, 2015.
  • “Selflessness as a Foundation of Spiritual Transcendence: Perspectives from the Neurosciences and Religious Studies” posted online by the International Journal of the Psychology of Religion on November 30, 2015 (and currently in press).
  • “Relationships between Negative Spiritual Beliefs and Health Outcomes for Individuals with Chronic Disabilities and Medical Conditions” in the Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health, 17, no. 2 (May 2015): 135-152.
  • Prof. Dan Cohen was a contributing author to an article titled “Functional and Structural Indices of Empathy: Evidence for Self-orientation as a Neuropsychological Foundation of Empathy” in Neuropsychology 29, no. 3 (May 2015): 463-472.