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Check out Dan Cohen's book chapter in this forthcoming book from Routlegde on the evolution of religion!

Jill Raitt

Professor Emerita Jill Raitt was honored for her outstanding research, teaching, mentoring, and service to the University of Missouri with the Chancellor’s Retiree of the Year Award. Dr.

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Check out our great summer courses in Religious Studies! In addition to our varied online courses, we also offer face to face classes on Native American Religions (session 1) and Harry Potter (session 2) this summer! 


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Congratulations to Signe Cohen, whose edited volume The Upanishads: A Complete Guide is a Choice Academic Title award winner for 2018.



Our Fall newsletter is here! Read about what's new in the Religious Studies department. 

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Check out Dan Cohen's most recent publications!

Abell Conversations

Religious Studies instructor Kate Kelley is one of the partipants in a forum on "Course Micro-Practices to Help You Become a More Inclusive Leader" aimed at science teachers at the college level. The forum takes place Monday September 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Bond Life Science Center Room 171. 

Carrie Duncan

As Dr. Carrie Duncan was recognized with a Kemper Fellowship for her outstanding teaching, she addressed the vital role of graduate teaching assistants in the university's mission to foster teaching excellence. You can read her Kemper address here: 

Maren Bell Jones

Dr. Maren Bell Jones, BA in Religious Studies '04 and DVM '11 from Mizzou, is running for the Missouri state house of representatives in the November election for district 44, which encompasses Columbia, Hallsville, Centralia, and Sturgeon. Dr.