Lora Kile

Religious Studies
221 A&S

M.A., Religious Studies, University of Missouri-Columbia

B.A., Anthropology, University of Missouri-Columbia

B. A., Religious Studies, University of Missouri-Columbia

Research Interests: 

Religious Traditions of Indigenous People

My primary research focus is in the religious traditions of indigenous peoples, especially Mesoamerican cultures at the time Spanish Conquest. My expertise includes Praxis of Ritualization, Mesoamerican rituals and archaeology, 16th Century Spanish Catholicism, and North American Indigenous Reactions to Westward Expansion.

I am interested in critically examining the categories imposed by western academic scholarship on indigenous traditions by closely analyzing the cosmology and rituals of the Nahua (the Aztec). My most recent research draws out how the concept of Religion was constructed in the European early-modern period by examining the writings of the Spanish Friar Bernadino de Sahagún and how the Villadolid Debates of Spain influenced the friar’s writings.


Current Teaching
RS 2100 Indigenous Religions
RS 3451 Religions of the World
RS 3740 Religion and Film