The Major

College of Arts and Science Requirements

  • minimum 120 hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0
    Up to 40 Religious Studies hours may count toward the total 120.
  • minimum 30 hours numbered 3000 and above

Religious Studies Department Requirements for the Major

  • 30 hours in Religious Studies, at least 21 hours of which are numbered 2000 or above; the credit in almost all Religious Studies courses is 3 hours.
    • RS 1100: Introduction to Religion, or RS 2110: Religions of the World
    • RS 4100: Advanced Theories and Methods (ordinarily taken during Fall Semester of the Senior year)
  • Only religious studies courses completed with a grade of C or above are acceptable for a major in Religious Studies
  • Majors must complete a graduation plan with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Religious Studies in 221 A&S, and personally deliver it to the A&S Advising Center in 107 Lowry to be officially filed.
  • Students who are interested in pursuing a double major, with majors in Religious Studies and another discipline in which they are also interested, are encouraged to do this. Double majors must complete a graduation plan for each major.