MA student Nichole Ballard attended a Fields Methods in Indigenous Archaeology field school last summer. Here is her account of her experiences: 

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Check out our spring course schedule! We've got a little bit for everyone, whether you are interested in deep discussions about the reality of God, an overview of world religions, the religions of indigenous people, or whether you are a Harry Potter fan who is wondering why there is no chapel at Hogwarts. 

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Check out this interesting episode of the Theology Matters podcast  from The Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton, featuring an interview with Dan Cohen and Brick Johnstone about their

Bob Flanagan

Bob Flanagan Scholarship

The Religious Studies is thrilled to announce a new scholarship for undergraduate Religious Studies majors in honor of Bob Flanagan, a beloved master teacher who has inspired generations of Mizzoui students. 

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Curious about how virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa compare to ancient orcacular devices? Check out Signe Cohen's new article in this edited volume. 


Religious Studies MA student Nichole Ballard attended a Newberry Library Conference in Chicago recently. Here are her reflections: 


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Check out Dan Cohen's book chapter in this forthcoming book from Routlegde on the evolution of religion!

Jill Raitt

Professor Emerita Jill Raitt was honored for her outstanding research, teaching, mentoring, and service to the University of Missouri with the Chancellor’s Retiree of the Year Award. Dr.

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